1820 - People called Methodist started services 10 miles NW of Shelby at a Mrs. Duncan's home or under some of her large Pea trees.  Later when she moved her home was used by the Young Society, as a Church.
1828 - Records show P. H. Grigg as the 1st member of Rehobeth Church & A. C. Williamson as the next member.

Our History

1830 - A log church was built in a nearly abandoned field called "Duncan's Old Field."  It was a small building without shutters for the doors or windows.  The pews were split logs with supports under the half-logs.  During the winter, roaming cattle & sheep made themselves at home in church as there were no stock laws then.  There are 2 graves at this location, believed to be Cherokee Indians.

1860 - "Duncan's Old Field" was renamed to "Rehobeth," a Biblical name, meaning "a wide land" from Genesis 26:22

1871 - A new church was built where the cemetery now stands as the old one became run down during the Civil War & no services were held during the re-construcion years.  There was no grave yard as the practice then was to have family burying grounds.

1877 - Land was purchased for the church & cemetery from Matthew Crowder for $10.00 & a deed was received

1903 - A new building was constructed 200-300 yards E of the previous church

1939 - A Committee was formed & elected to plan the building of a new brick church.  Everett Spurling & Boyde Lattimore donated the land & construction began Jan. 1, 1940.  ALSO, on July 1st the Rehobeth Women organized the Society of Christian Service & their 1st meeting was held in August.

1940 - The Cornersone was laid on May 5th with an estimated cost of $12,000.00; the debt was cleared Dec. 20, 1942

1943 - Rehobeth Methodist Church was dedicated on Sun., April 25 at the 11:00 AM worship service by Bishop Clare Purell & Rev. E. M. Jones, District Superintendent

1944 - On Nov. 23rd Paris F. Wilson & Millan Grigg were the 1st couple to be married in the new church

1949 - It was decided to build a Fellowship Hall with a fireplace for dinner meetings, Women's Society meetings, suppers, church meetings, & Fellowship Suppers - still a tradition today!

1952-53 - Rehobeth became a 2-point charge, rather than a 6-point charge, so we would have a minister preaching every Sunday rather than twice a month

1962-63 - Church members voted to build 5 new Sunday School rooms attached to the Fellowship Hall at an estimated cost of $14,500.00 & the debt was cleared in Dec. of 1963

1964 - A Dedication service was held for the new Sunday School rooms, followed by a tea serving 135 people, given by the Women's Society of Christian Services

1968 - The Methodist Church & Evangelical United Brethren joined to form The United Methodist Church

1973 - Women's Society of Christian Service observed Charter Night & changed their name to United Methodist Women

1978 - Rehobeth received 1 acre of land across from the cemetery from James Cornwell

1986 - Rehobeth members voted to build a new Fellowship Hall

1987 - Rehobeth received 1 ace of land across from the cemetery from Paul Philbeck.  In Feb. the old Fellowship Hall was torn down & construction of a new one began.  It was completed in April.  On May 3rd, Memorial Day, the new Fellowship Hall was dedicated during the Worship service.  It was followed by the 1st of many meals & fellowships to come in the new building.  The building cost was $80,000.00 & the debt was paid off in Dec. of 1989.

1992 - On Jan. 10th there was a fire in the Education building caused by a gas furnace malfunction.  Damage was minimal & repairs were quickly completed.

1995 - A new Barbecue Shelter was built in March & April.  We really appreciate it at our Annual Bar-B-Q the end of Oct.

Rehobeth UMC




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